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1/12th scale Lotus 72E, Ronnie Peterson, diorama by Hiro


Professionally built 1/12th scale diorama using a model by Model Factory Hiro, presented cased complete as driven by Ronnie Peterson.

The 72 was yet another innovative design by Chapman featuring inboard brakes, side mounted radiators in sidepods, as opposed to the nose mounted radiators which had been commonplace since the 1950s, and an overhead air intake.

The overall shape of the car was innovative too, resembling a wedge on wheels which was inspired by the earlier Lotus 56 gas turbine car, and the layout taken from the Lotus 63 four wheel drive project testbed. The shape made for better air penetration and higher speeds. In a back-to-back test with the Lotus 49, the 72 was 12 mph faster with the same Cosworth engine.

Chapman's efforts produced one of the most remarkable and successful designs in F1 history. Taking the stressed engine layout technique from the Lotus 49 and adding advanced aerodynamics produced a car that was years ahead of its rivals. To begin with however, problems with the handling of the car had to be overcome, due to a lack of 'feel' caused by the anti-dive suspension geometry - which was designed to prevent the nose of the car dipping significantly under braking - and the anti-squat set-up at the rear, which was supposed to stop the car 'squatting down' under acceleration. Once the suspension was modified, there were no further problems.

The car caused a sensation amongst the media and fans, with many people clamouring to see the remarkable car in action. The car is presented in full JPS livery as in period for late 1973 and early 1974 seasons with Ronnie Peterson leading the team.

Model Factory Hiro of Japan create models for professional builders using photo etched, resin and forged metal parts, including conversion kits for many base models for specific races and drivers. Many hours of work are required to build a model to this standard, which is reflected in the presentation.

This item is fragile, so overseas shipping not possible, please equire about collection, delivery or to make an offer.


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