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McLaren gave its new weapon its debut in Interlagos, but still those Williams FW14Bs ran away and hid as a Mansell hat-trick drew him level with Fangio's 24 GP wins


Ayrton Senna's body language said it all. His car stammered into the pits, the Brazilian gave its misfiring Honda V12 the big rev, then wriggled out and stalked to the back of a McLaren pit which was already accommodating team-mate Gerhard Berger's similar new MP4/7A. The Brazilian GP was just 18 laps old, and here was not one but two of the Woking cars ready to pack away. It was a sign of the new times that have come to Formula One, the last wave in a sea of desperation that washed over the team in South America as the two Williams FW14Bs of Nigel Mansell and Riccardo Patrese once again stamped their utter authority on a 1992 World Championship event.


Hard words, sure, but an indication of the stakes in F1. Yesterday's ally is the man who must work harder today. It was noticeable that when Senna left the circuit on Saturday evening, having qualified a dramatic third but a whopping 2.2s off Mansell on pole, his pace was such that Ron Dennis walked two steps behind him.


There had been one spot of humour for Senna during the weekend, and it came in the closing stages of qualifying as Mansell tried to pass him going into the right-hand Bico de Pato corner. "I don't hold any blame on Ayrton at all," Mansell had said. "I think it was miscommunication." "That stupid bleep's just driven into the wall," the world champion is reported to have said over his radio.


BRAZILIAN GRAND PRIX, Interlagos, April 5 71 laps of 2.687-mile (4.323 km) circuit (190.807 miles; 306.960 km)


1st: Nigel Mansell - Williams FW14B-Renault V10 - 1hr 36m 51.856s 2nd: Riccardo Patrese - Williams FW14B-Renault V10 - 1hr 27m 21.186s 3rd: Michael Schumacher - Benneton 191B-Ford HB V8 - 70 laps 4th: Jean ALesi - Ferrari F92A-Ferrari V12 - 70 laps 5th: Ivan Capelli - Ferrari F92A-Ferrari V12 - 70 laps 6th: Michele Alboreto - FOotwork FA13-Mugen V10 - 70 laps


Extract from the race report, © Motor Sport Magazine.


Race used 1992 Brazilian Grand Prix, qualifying accident, nosecone


In 1992, after further development work was done to the gearbox, traction control and active suspension system from the FW14, the FW14B was the dominant car and Mansell wrapped up the 1992 Drivers' Championship with a then-record 9 wins in a season, whilst Patrese scored a further win at the Japanese Grand Prix.


But the FW14B became more than just a technically advanced car, it would become the representation of the 'Red 5' legend and the 'Mansell Mania' it inspired. Nigel Mansell became 'Red 5', a necessity that had changed the white 5 to a red 5 to help the team and spectators differential the team mates, and coined by commentator Murray Walker.


The nosecone is probably the most donimant piece of the Formula 1 car, it appears in almost every photograph and television shot, and is the main area that sponsors want to appear. This nosecone was used in at least the two previous Grand Prix of the 1992 season, and is the nosecone that became detatched from the car as Nigel Mansell span off trying to over take Ayrton Senna, in practice for the Brazilian Grand Prix (see video link below).


This nosecone was fabricated by Williams at the factory and hand fitted to the car by the fabricator who was in charge of the impact zone and comes direct from this ex-employee of Williams who kept it after the accident once it had been returned to the factory, it could not be reused as the brackets were sheered where the nose connects to the chassis.


This nosecone comes with full history, race provenance, in good condition and can be signed by Nigel Mansell for the buyer, arranged on sale. SOLD