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The 1991 Brazil Grand Prix was one, if not the, pinacle of Ayrton Senna's personal achievements during his stunning career. Winning his home Grand Prix for the first time, Ayrton was nearly overcome with joy as he crossed the line, and had to be helped to the podium, such was the emotion of winning his home race.

In this Championship winning year with McLaren Honda, it was a dream season start and so holds a special place for all Ayrton Senna fans. His helmet from that race, originally painted by his good friend Sid Mosca featured a distinctive green interior and clear visor. This helmet replicates that helmet.

Full size, brand new replica, 1991 season Ayrton Senna helmet, in stock ready for worldwide shipping.

*Not safety equipment - display only replica helmet.

Ayrton Senna, full size helmet, 1991 Brazillian Grand Prix

Only 1 left in stock
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