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James Bond Magazine #30, GoldenEye (Redux)


Originally published in 1996 – this long out of print edition has now been re-mastered, re-typeset, and re-scanned from the original transparencies & photographs and digitally printed for the highest quality reproduction.


    •      Letter from the President, Graham Rye

    •      A Report on “Bond 18”

    •      007 News: Cubby Tribute; Pierce gets figure at Madam Tussauds; Interact with Bond!; Coronet Editions; New CORGI Cars; Connoisseur’s Collection trading cards.

    •      Book Reviews (including John Gardner's COLD)

    •      Main Title Man: Q&A interview with Daniel Kleinman.

    •      Que Serra, Serra! Q&A with composer Eric Serra

    •      Readers’ Letters

    •      FAQ Q&A

    •      And much more!


Page size: A4, 48-pages

James Bond Magazine #30, GoldenEye (Redux)

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